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Friday, November 20, 2009 @ 12:38 PM


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Friday, June 12, 2009 @ 7:05 PM

I'd rather do house chores

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Fresh story. This happened less that an hour ago.

So yesterday, we hired a new house helper. A 40 year old unmarried woman. She was having great moments with my mom. This morning she asked my mom to buy her a sponge in a demanding manner. She was like, "Ibili mo nga ako ng sponge panlinis ng banyo." When my mom got home from the market, she [my mom] gave her [the 40 year old house helper] and our other maid for 8 months a pack of puto. The 40YOW said to my mom, "Halika, kumain ka din nito." Was she having thoughts that my mom placed some sort of poison in that puto?

At around 6 in the evening, my mom went to the maids quarters. She saw a 10 piece blanket of medicine with one tablet missing. She asked the 40YOW what the medicine is for. The 40YOW said it is for curing headaches. My mom, unconvinced, wrote on a sheet of paper the name of the medicine. She then called Mercury Drugs to confirm the use of the medicine. And guess what! It is an anti-psychotic drugs. My mom called her doctor friend to ask the same thing and her friend told her, "baka pag natutulog ka takluban ng unan yang mukha mo." Now that is not funny. If she, the 40YOW has this tendency of throwing tantrums, then she needs to get the hell out of our house as soon as possible. AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

My mom went back to their quarters. As soon as she gets there, she told the 40YOW that perhaps she is sick, baka may sakit sa puso and we can't afford na atakihin siya sa bahay. Sakit na lang sa puso ang sinabi ng mom ko at baka magwala pagsinabing may sayad siya. =D Then, the 40YOW said to my mom, "nakita kita kanina. May kausap ka sa telepono" HAHAHA! She probably thought somebody told my mom about her sayad. Then they had a conversation to where the 40YOW will be staying.

Mom: Sabi mo may kaibigan ka dito diba?
40YOW: Ayoko dun!
Mom: Dun sa pinsan mo?
40YOW: Ayoko din! Dun na lang ako kay [insert the name of the person who brought her to our house]

By 6:40, my Mom and Dad are on their way, with the 40YOW of course, to the location of the 40YOW's recruiter. When they got home, they told our other house helper that the 40YOW has sayad and she, our house helper for 8 months gave the NO WAY reaction. You should have seen her face. It was hilarious!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009 @ 1:01 PM

Life's for Sharing

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429 hits
66 entries
40 shout outs
7 lay outs
4 unpublished entries
3 blog names
1 year of blogging.

I can't believe it. Seriously. A blog of mine reached a full year of function! How is that even possible? I had lots and lots of previous blogs before. Blogs which never last 3 months. Entries which never reached 5.

This would be my college blog. It will be running for 3 more years. Minimum!

I want to analyze my introduction. Part by part.

429 Hits - By the time you're reading this, the hit counter has taken another step forward. Thank You. I've installed that hit counter last February 17, 2009. And 429 is not a bad number. This is a personal blog after all. I don't expect Porn sites hits.

66 Entries - With this I have to say, I am not satisfied. I have a friend, Janna, who reached her 100th post and counting before a year. I payed a visit again to each month of my blog and I've noticed that for 2 months I had only a post for each. And for the month of April2009, I have a nada number of entries.

40 Shout outs - The shout box you are seeing was up and running from September 19, 2008. Some comments can be seen there since the comment thingy on the posts was disabled for a very very long time.

7 Layouts - "Every time I realized my blog is already on idle, I always find it effective to change my lay-out." from my June 5 2009 entry. This explains the number of layout alterations. My first lay out lasted only 4 days. It was an orange and black layout with outbursts and splatters. The second one, which I applied last June 13, 2008 was the most colorful layouts I ever had. It consists of 4-5 neon colors which RB loved too much. The third one was the ANIMO layout where the letters function as navigation tabs. The fourth one was this, it was the last layout for the second name of my blog.
The fifth layout was this one I always love black and white. My sixth layout was a different one. I made a day after my 18th birthday and it was the first time that I had my picture part of a layout. Remember this? My seventh layout is the one you're seeing right now. Bow.

4 Unpublished entries - Those are the not so good and unfinished posts. I can't find any reason to publish mediocrisy. Mediocrisy?! WTF?! HAHA.

3 Blog names - for those of you who are unaware, the first name of my blog is theworldofnonsense. It lasted only for 3 days. By the fourth day of blog, the name of it is lifecangettaft. And after four months, when my life in taft is already taft Of Visions and Revisions came into existence.

Conclusion and proof reading to follow.

Monday, June 8, 2009 @ 5:46 AM


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My blog is turning One Year Old tomorrow! Hurrraaaay!

Sunday, June 7, 2009 @ 11:54 PM

I'd rather eat vegetables

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I hate too many people, and it's not making me feel any not better. How should I say it? It's not making me feel bad nor guilty. I hate some people because of the hate worthy things that they've done. Some because of the hate-able things they do. Aware of it or not, I could not care more. Or less. I don't know. I don't care. And some, or most are because of their hate-able [inventing words are cool. According to Janna] auras and appearance/s.

Judging a book by its cover is bad. I know. But I can't help it. It's part of by nature. It's not my fault. Or is it? Anyways, I don't mean to be prejudice or anything but once I saw a person who accumulated a whole populace's warts or someone whose batok can be functional during Ash Wednesday's, the Angel [HAHA] in me wants to keep distance from the person. Can I consider that as an ego? Is avoiding ugly UNATTRACTIVE beings part of my responsibility? I don't think so. What on earth am I doing? Answer: Finding a valid reason for my reasonable rude behavior.

Fortunately, I have friends with the same disease. And that's what make us friends. HAHA.

I have few more things to say. I'll update this entry whenever.

Saturday, June 6, 2009 @ 1:24 PM


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I'm glad I have the bestest set of friends in the world. Friends who I consider family. Who for me shows the real value of a family better than my real family. I've been battling my way to get noticed by my parents and pleased them through the achievements I've earned. It is just so hard to have one perfect older brother who you I can never compete with. YES I CAN. And I've done it a lot of times. In the real world, I would have won. But in this place they call home, defeat has been my nature.

I was part of a varsity team for 6 years. I was doing good GREAT. I earned lots of appreciations from it. From people in my school at least. I used to perform a lot in front of crowd. I sang, I danced, I role played. People gave me good feedbacks. And I know those praises were for real. And the only time, the first time my parents saw me sang in front of the crowd, I received the "It was okay" response.

I never really wished to took up Electronics and Communications Engineering. I really wanted to choose a profession if the field of Business and Economics. But since my brother pursued that career, I opted not to anymore. Because every time, every single time I do things that my brother had previously done, I always ranked second. Not because he always does thing better, but for reasons I clearly do not know, his mistakes can never be considered as mistakes.

For over a week, I have been browsing thorugh the net looking for the cheapest possible way to get a DNA analysis. After 18 years, I suddenly felt this self crisis of questioning my legitimacy to this family. In short, I have this feeling that I'm adopted. But unfortunately, a DNA test would cost 12000-15000. I can't afford that! Yet.

Shout outs to my friends. To my high school barkada. Paolo, Mikey, Mara, Steph, Jesha and Angela: our paths may have parted ways but I believe one day it will all meet again. Angela, I'am really excited to see you. Please come home as early as possible. I hope you will already be in the Philippines before Mikey leaves. And promise me the two of you will see each other occasionally when you're both already in Canada. Paolo, Mikey, Mara and Steph, thanks you guys for being with me in my 18th birthday.

And to my college circle. Jane, Angel, Rb, Janna, Danish, Lance, Pau and July. Wohoo! HAHA. We have three more years to share. I never would have enjoyed college without you crazy people! See you guys soon.

the Visionary

I wish I could have written here who I really am, who I really want to be, and who was I. 18 years of existence was supposedly enough for me to discover my self. But every time I try to go beyond reality and see what's ahead of me, there is always this same and eternal gauntlet. I hope people would visit my page because they care. They care about me and what's happening in my life. If you are one of those individuals, you can also visit my multiply account or my twitter I have a facebook too Add me. Follow me. Show me that you care.


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